Mark Your Calendars

Bet you’re just sitting around right now wishing there was some sort of writing event or events for you to get involved, huh? Well, you’re in luck! Just for you, I have provided another short list of upcoming writing events, activities, and deadlines that will take place this very month! You’re welcome!

1. The North Central College Review, 30 N., Deadline for Submission

Submitting original work to literary magazines and journals is perhaps one of the greatest as well as easiest ways to increase your profile as a writer. After all, acceptance from a magazine grants you the official title of “published writer,” and who here doesn’t dream incessantly of that day? Submission is simple and, more importantly, harmless (to everything except your ego, perhaps). Acceptance is, of course, acceptance, but rejection, while possibly bursting your artistic bubble, allows a chance for you to revise and perfect your work for a later publication to consider. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

Luckily for you, readers (whom I assume are all or primarily North Central students), North Central College offers its own literary magazine, 30 N., which I have mentioned, of course, in previous blog posts. The March 6th deadline for submission is fast-approaching; however, once again, I implore you to consider emailing a piece of your writing for evaluation. Photography submissions are also always viable!

2. The University of California, Riverside Undergraduate Art and Literary Journal, Mosaic, Deadline for Submission

Did I mention that you can submit your work to more than one publication, thus increasing your chances of acceptance? Like I said: win-win. Of course, bare in mind that a piece that has already been published in one literary journal cannot be published in another.

With that said, the University of California, Riverside also has an upcoming March 7th deadline for its literary magazine, Mosaic. Consider submitting a piece of your writing to this journal, as well. Also consider researching other literary magazines and journals as potential submission opportunities for the near future.

3. Veronica Roth Book Signing at Anderson’s Bookshop

As I have stated countless times before, the chance to meet a published author is an absolutely worthwhile opportunity. Well now, here’s your chance. According to the official website of Anderson’s Bookshop, Veronica Roth, author of the acclaimed Divergent series, will appear at their bookstore in Downers Grove on Saturday, March 14 at about 2:00 pm that evening. Tickets for $25, which can be found at any Anderson’s Bookshop location, include a pre-signed copy of Insurgent, a presentation by the author herself, a Q&A, and a showing of the film, Divergent. If that wasn’t enough, a drawing contest will choose 10 lucky fans to meet Veronica Roth backstage. Need I say more?

As always, happy writing!


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